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Building strong, powerful dancers

Dr. Danielle Farzanegan is a Physical Therapist, dance teacher, choreographer, and educator. She moved down to Houston, TX to pursue a residency program in pediatric sports at Texas Children's Hospital.

Danielle received her BFA degree from the University of Arizona where she trained and performed in jazz, ballet, and modern genres. She sustained multiple chronic injuries while dancing in college along with a car accident that took her out of dance for five months. She chose to pursue her goal of becoming a Physical Therapist who specialized in the treatment of young dancers at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. While in med school, she was able to perform with Leverage Dance Company.

She founded Power Pointe in 2020 to help local dancers, teachers, and parents to understand how to decrease injury risk in pre-professional students. Dancers are athletes just like football and soccer kids, and deserve to be treated as such. Power Pointe offers injury prevention workshops, 1-1 strength and conditioning programs, and master classes. 

Danielle has worked as a teacher and choreographer across the country. She currently teaches at Studio G Dance in Manvel, TX and loves imparting strength and conditioning principles in every class.




  • Doctor of Physical Therapy: Washington University in St. Louis

  • Pediatric Sports Residency: Texas Children's Hospital 

  • BFA Degree: University of Arizona Dance Program

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